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Landscape painting, culture stone, glass background wall can be so "dressed up"

2018/05/05 14:18
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Living room TV background wall style is varied, how to decorate it can show your grade and hobby? Take a look at some of the personalized dress codes.

First of all, water and ink landscape painting 
Living room TV background wall style is varied, how to decorate it can show your grade and hobby? Take a look at some of the personalized dress codes.
First of all, water and ink landscape painting is elegant: if you prefer the traditional Chinese culture atmosphere, hanging a group of calligraphy and painting on the TV wall, also quite elegant. The choice of calligraphy and painting is very exquisite, although it is just a group of simple words and calligraphy, but become the finishing pen of the sitting room, more fully reflect master's identity, talent, grade and so on.
Second, the European country style feel nature: if you enjoy the European country style, so, wrought iron carve patterns or designs on woodwork, beautiful color painting, depend on a wall and TV ark, plus dotted with white porcelain, antique, this is the typical European country style. This kind of TV wall, will let your guest cannot remove his line of sight, let him feel as if be in the nature of picturesque scenery.
Third, the cultural stone modeling highlights the delicate sense: the use of texture rough culture stone Mosaic. Says from the function, culture stone can sound-absorbing, avoid sound impact on the rest of the bedroom, look from the decorative effect, it foil metal electrical products exquisite feeling, the simple sense of a strong contrast, extremely rich contemporary sense. Next to set two cabinet rack to put the artwork that master loves, reflect master temperament.
Fourth, glass material avant-garde fashion: material such as glass or metal, already beautiful and easy, and moistureproof, mouldproof, heat resistant, can also scrub, easy to clean and do, and this kind of material selection, most combine furniture jointly shape the atmosphere of the sitting room.